TATRANSKÁ mineral water is a jewel of all mineral waters

At present, the smoky springs in TATRAS are officially registered as: 

The source SK-1, which is superior in quality and especially rare for its composition.
The water from this spring is filled in glass bottles under the name TATRANSKÁ mineral water in the nearby building. Experts designate water TATRANSKÁ mineral water (from SK-1 spring) for the jewel of all mineral waters. Bubbles are deliciously smooth and never make you bloat after consumption. TATRANSKÁ mineral water is unusually clean, has an exceptional and unique taste. It can add to the taste of food and wine.It is the ideal source of the everyday drinking regime of ordinary people, athletes and youth with a dynamic lifestyle.

The SK-2 spring, water is very similar to the SK-1 spring. The water of this spring has long been known under the current name of SMOKOVECKÁ KYSELKA and is free to the public all year round in an attractive contemporary gazebo.

overall mineralisation

mg / l

natural free CO2

mg / l


l / hr

The yield of the natural source TATRANSKÁ mineral water (SK-1) in the village of Starý Smokovec is limited by the flow of approx. 700 litres per hour. Therefore, natural mineral water is filled into bottles only in limited series. The source site is quiet and afforested by young vegetation. Close by is our small factory.

On March 15, 2017 in an accredited testing laboratory EL Ltd. updated its technical analysis of mineral water TATRANSKA, which has been repeatedly (for decades) confirmed in its purity, extraordinary quality and uniqueness. The necessary results of this analysis are shown on the labels of all glass bottles filled with TATRANSKÁ mineral water. Their content is 0.7l and 0.33l.

Filling and packaging

The natural TATRANSKÁ mineral water is filled for only a few hours in the morning, for two or three days a week. During filling, a portion of iron is being removed from the water. This way, the delicious taste preserves its original perfection. One hundred bottles of mineral water will be filled in one day. Annually, according to the yield of the source, only a few thousand bottles of rare natural mineral water TATRANSKÁ are obtained. That’s why we value our customers and choose where our water is sold. The filling itself takes place on a new line without the need of human intervention. The team secures maximum hygiene and complete cleanliness of bottles.

TATRANSKÁ mineral water is packed exclusively into new, high-quality organic glass bottles with a volume of 0.7l and 0.33l. Bottles are not refundable. For thorough inspection of each bottled bottle, labelling and packaging into a cardboard box is done manually as well as most of the entire production. You will not find TATRANSKÁ mineral water in usual shopping networks. It is available exclusively in selected and good quality restaurants, hotels and gastronomic facilities. (Abroad sold only in exceptional cases).

Packaging TATRANSKÁ mineral water 6x 0,7l 

The packaging itself is unique, functional from an ecological recycled carton. Contains 6 or 12 pcs of TATRANSKA natural mineral water bottles, plus brief information on the quality and history of this water. This creates an ideal gift or original souvenir for tourists, restaurant customers, hotels, guesthouses. It is an inexpensive, practical and unusual gift that can be given to any person, regardless of age, gender, or position.

Two bottles of green glass

TATRANSKÁ mineral water is used exclusively in bottles made of green ecological glass produced by the company VETROPACK NEMŠOVÁ.

0.33 l green glass, not refundable
0.7 l green glass, not refundable

Practical packaging

The packaging is suitable for stacking in and it can be stacked up to 1.5 m high. Both cartons and used bottles are non-returnable, non-refundable and recyclable

Filling in Starý Smokovec

Filling takes place on a new and modern automatic line, only a few hours in the morning, 2-3 times a week. During filling, a portion of iron is being removed from the water. We are able to acquire annually several thousands of bottles of this rare TATRANSKÁ mineral water.